Thursday, January 30, 2014

Twins poster!

Well, well, well... We get a poster with both twins! That's good because it leaves us with one poster that is a mystery. Will it be Valka and Cloudjumper (I SO HOPE), Stoick and his dragon, or a completely unique poster? We'll have to wait and see!

The designs on the twins look fine. Very recognizably them! I think Tuff's dental work is even worse than before. I liked the description that was given of them in that it didn't make them sound like complete idiots, just reckless. DoB and RoB have sort of turned them into brainless characters, and though they were rough, silly, and often thoughtless in the first film, they were not quite as dumb as they've been made in the series for the sake of comedy. Anyway, the detail here is splendid! I guess Fishlegs does win the facial hair contest because Tuff doesn't look like he's got too much. He's got the most maniacal look on his face XD Totally a Viking there. Ruff looks a bit more devious, but that fits her personality (in the film she did seem to show a smidgin more of craftiness than her brother). Her helmet has gotten a complexity upgrade. Gah, this second movie is just mocking those of us who like to draw! So much complexity!

Now onto Barf and Belch, and I LOVE Barf and Belch! Look at the little red patches on the top of the head on the right! They stick up, and the they have individual bumps on the bulges! So nice looking! Their horns look reasonable polished, and the way they kind of fuse into the green flesh is nice. Also, I noticed Meatlug's Teeth were super worn, and that makes sense for a dragon eating boulders, but it's neat to see Barf and Belch having a little less grime on their needle like fangs. Less than Stromfly too, and I betcha Toothless has the least of all (retractable teeth, helps keep em' clean!). Also... just another detail note, Barf and Belch have a really interesting tongue texture! Toothless's is a lot smoother (at least in the first film) while this Zippleback is now sporting a much rougher, bumpy tongue! Wonder why...? It's just a neat little difference and it looks very real! Perhaps because Zipplebacks (being more snake like) actually move their tongues out into the air more often and thus need to have a bit of coarseness so as to keep it from getting injured. Then of course their eyes are beautifully expressive XD I love dragons like the Zippleback who can show such a wide range of expressions (sadly, the Nadder is a good example of a dragon that we have not seen be very expressive!). 

So many luscious details in these posters! Looking forward to the next one (It's gotta be Snotlout, right?). This movie really is doing a neat job with its advertising! I so hope it does well in the box office and lives up to our expectations! We've been waiting quite a while! The graphics alone are far superior to what I would have ever dreamed, so at least I'm a happy camper there!

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