Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's been a little while!

Sorry I've not been able to post as much. There are a variety of reasons, but tons of school would be one of them. Another would be that I am trying to be careful to make sure that I live on God first and foremost, so I have been taking some time off of other nice things so as to spend time with Him. I'll still run this blog, no question about that, but I may post a little less frequently.

Ok, but I will say one thing. Eel Effect, not a bad episode! Although I do like DoB and RoB, sometimes they just aren't worth posting about. Sometimes they actually miff me (Hiccup's attitude in Tale of Two Dragons, the whole goofy mocking of the touch scene in Free Scauldy... yeah, sometimes the show annoys me.). But then other episodes are good. I liked Frozen, and I felt it had a good balance of action and plot. Plus the Speed Stinger is a gorgeous dragon who we actually can even see in the Dragon Manual in the first film! But, back to Eel Effect... yay! A Toothless/Hiccup centered episode! Granted... Toothless did start suffering the effects of the eel really, really fast, but it was still interesting! He was conscious enough to realize he hurt Hiccup at first, and I appreciated that, but then I also like that his condition got worse and worse. In the end, I just really liked to see Hiccup concerned, and I also enjoy it when Toothless reveals that he isn't some tame puppy dog. He's dangerous. He could have easily killed Hiccup near the end there... and with how disoriented he was, I suppose it could have been possible (I just LOVE that kind of drama! Imagine how AWFUL it would be if Toothless killed Hiccup in a state of madness! I'm not saying I want it to happen, but the potential of that kind of tragedy adds a lot of good angst and emotion to the episode.). Anyway, it was good to see Toothless back as his old self in the end. The way the eel affected him was also interesting. His senses were disoriented AND super heightened. That's neat! It makes perfect sense. He can't see straight, he keeps coughing up fire, every noise hurts his head, and I imagine that every gentle touch feels like a stunning blow. No wonder he lost control, and no wonder the dragons steer clear of eels! Aw' and he was cute when he didn't like the medicine! Loved that, we got to see both sides of him! I'm glad it turned out ok, and it was a neat episode overall!

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