Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snotlout HTTYD2 Poster

Ok, they are just SHOWING OFF. Seriously, this displays so many different facets of how the animation has improved. For one thing, the Hookfang's jaw is giving us a beautiful display of the new, more flexible, more realistic dragon and human rigging system. They said they were using a new program that incorporated a skeleton, and then allowed for flesh movement and realistic fat jiggle. You can see that in Hookfang's mouth here, but it also easily seen in Toothless and even Cloudjumper in parts of the trailer. So... all that to say, I'm super pleased with it! It makes the dragons feel even more organic and alive than they did in the first film (which is saying something especially considering how well done Toothless was).

Also, we all have to say it, Snotlout actually doesn't look ugly anymore. It's a nice change, and I anticipate seeing him being a bit more handsome. Of course, he's still gonna have a repulsive personality. For some reason this look makes me feel like book Snotlout... it is probably the little mustache. Plus book Snotlout is supposed to be sort of muscular and dashing. Anyway, his outfit is great as well... love the turquoise scale pattern and black fur. They really are doing a great job maturing the looks of the characters. Oh, and of course it's hilarious to see that he and Hookfang maintain their sort of tough love relationship from RoB/DoB. I betcha it will be more subtle and feel better in the second movie because it got a little old in the series. This should be fun, and considering Snotlout will fight in the big battle (you can see that it is he and Hookfang carrying Hiccup before he spins off into the air using his flight suit), I'm happy to see him looking a little more manly, a little more epic. I mean, since when has Snotlout been cool??

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