Monday, March 3, 2014

Nothing Touches My Boy

So, it has been a little while since I drew a Toothless image which emphasized his fierce, as opposed to his charming, side. I really love the mysterious, beautiful, terrifying, powerful aspects of him as a character. Anyway, the context of the image is that Toothless and Hiccup are sleeping somewhere out in the wilderness, and while Hiccup sleeps soundly, Toothless keeps a careful eye out. In a land like Berk, who knows what kind of dangers could slink in the shadows (Skrill...), but any hungry creature or opportunistic thief would be highly unwise to try and touch Toothless's dearest treasure. Anything that is brave or foolish enough to disturb Hiccup's sleep will face a the full rage and power of the most feared and legendary of all dragons.

So, this was also me wanting to make another painting that was actually a full scene. That's tricky for me... because I usually get really impatient once I finish my characters, and I let the background slip and just do something quick. After I finished this earlier painting, I really started to want to make more pictures that were a complete scene. The problem is that it takes much more time, and even this image shows that I struggle to get lighting, detail, and perspective when it comes to drawing landscapes. Still, the moonlight on Toothless and the overall lighting is kinda nice... I'm at least pleased enough with it to have it as my iPhone background image.

Haha, now that I've gotten my snarly Toothless fix, I'm feeling much better! I love when he is cute, but the fact that he is also so mysterious and dangerous is really what makes the cuteness stand out amidst millions of cutsie animals. The fact that Toothless has such dynamic and dual personality is one of my favorite things about him. I hope you enjoy the image. As usual it will be bigger if you open it in a new window. As usual I welcome constructive criticism, advice, or opinions in the comments section.

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