Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today's the day!!

Well, this is my forth time in a row to celebrate HTTYD day! On this day, in 2010, my favorite movie of all time hit theater screens. I've been in love with the characters (primarily Hiccup and Toothless) for four years straight, and I don't see much to make me think I'll ever stop! So... today DreamWorks is actually doing a streaming and holding a contest on twitter. Sadly, I can't do either because of my swamped schedule. Me and my brother were literally planning a month in advance for this, but apparently school and schedule got the better of me... the saddest thing is that he won't even be around when I watch it today! Boo. Yeah, that stinks. Oh well, he says he kinda wants to make it up on Saturday, so that could be fun.

But, even though I can't make as big of a splash as I would like, I'm still going to celebrate it! I've got to go to my lab soon, but when I get back I'm going to get comfortable and watch this film again... approximately for the 79th time! I'm super excited about it! I haven't watched the straight through yet this year, so it's pretty exciting to get back to it and be reminded why I love it so much. Oh, and I've been doodling in anticipation for it XD

Yep, smile, it's HTTYD day! Seriously folks, this is so strange because by next year we will have TWO HTTYD films, and so I suppose I'll need to celebrate two HTTYD days. It's been tricky to mess with my schedule even enough to get two hours of free-time, but it will be worth it I am sure! I can't wait to sit back down. I've purchased myself some drinks and snacks, and I brought one of my Night Furies from home (Haha, Toothless is now exploring my dormitory) along with my Night Fury mug. I wanted to get swedish fish for my dragon to munch, but the store didn't have any! It's not a big celebration... I'm doing it alone because I can't join in with the rest of the fandom or even have my brother around, but I still think this is going to be great fun.

 Just two hours away now! Ah, I love this movie! I hope you will all enjoy HTTYD day! If you do anything fun, please let me know!

Toothless Party!

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