Tuesday, March 18, 2014

College Doodles

So, when I am waiting for classes to start (which is just about every day), sometimes I pull out my pencil and doodle in my school notebooks. This is the result of all that. I will just post a bunch of these images, and I know they are not great art, but they are a little fun. Most of them are HTTYD, with a tiny bit of Dsplash tossed in.

This is a concept sketch of Venevonix Diamond (a Gemnode) after shapeshifting into one of his more human forms. To see about twenty five more doodles, click the read more. I hope you like them.

You may have seen this Toothless before :) He's at the front of my biology book and is so far the only doodle I've made who became a full blown digital painting. I'm kinda fond of this image.

This is my poor attempt to draw a TARDIS. I had no reference material, so I had to go off of memory (the same goes for all these drawings). Anyway, fun to get timey-wimey in my chemistry notes.

A Speed Stinger! Those of you who watched DoB's episode Frozen will probably remember these raptor like dragons. Pretty fun.

Hiccup's name written in Gemnode font. You may have seen this font used before in the old Skari image that I drew.

Toothless is feeling daunted by the massive amount of trigonometry awaiting him...

Toothless meeting a BZZZZZT *censored* this would be a Dsplash spoiler, so I can't tell you!

The Triforce. Nothing special unless you are a Legend of Zelda fan.

Toothless sniffing mushrooms in my Biology lab book. My teacher actually noted the drawings and said she liked them. Also, this is HTTYD1 Toothless because of his head spike count. I catch myself flipping back and forth between his older and younger versions!

Toothless skydiving through my trig. Haha, this one is his HTTYD2 version as you might can tell by the new nubs and different saddle. Anyway, funny angle to try and draw him from.

"Link" written in Gemnode font.

"Tabuu" written in Gemnode font

"Toothless" written in Gemnode font. (Yep, I was doing a lot of Gemnode writing that week...)

An itty bitty picture of Hiccup using his fire sword. I kind of liked playing around with the big fire-swirl behind him.

Angry/Scared Toothless! This picture was actually trickier for me than I expected.

Ach. Inaccurate Sonic Screwdriver (from the Tenth Doctor's era. I'm not a big fan of Eleven).

Toothless being strangled by weed things. I was having a rough day... feeling kinda down, so the art wound up representing that.

A Dalek meeting the Golden Dragon. This is only funny if you know a LOT of my Dsplash backstory, most of which has not been included in the Chronicles (sorry).

Toothless playing in ferns. I actually considered painting this one as well... but I don't think I will. It's too similar to my yawning one (just in the overall mood of Toothless being cute). I think if I try to make another charming Toothless picture I will include Hiccup in it.

Concept art for Eminis Sapphire. Now this drawing I am pretty pleased with! It took me ages to finally nail a look I liked for her. You see... she is a villain in the story, but she is not supposed to necessarily look evil. That was tricky to capture. Plus she is the only remaining Gemnode who has a feminine form... and that was also tricky to capture.

Toothless being cutesy (again), and looking at some flowers in one of my Biology lab reports.

Hookfang! (What?! Not Toothless?). I sorta liked the way his head came out. It's not perfect, but I had no refs.

Takanuva with no legs. He's a character in Dsplash. I'll post a full drawing of him sometime in the future.

And finally a drawing of Toothless's head in my trig notebook. I liked how it came out looking sort of anatomically accurate. Plus it is his HTTYD2 version. Yep, I'm stuck flip flopping between them! After I see the second one (unless I am let down massively by it) I will probably draw his older self more often.

So... none of these are great art. I wish I could be producing more paintings and sketches and stuff, but I'm just so busy with school. Hope you like these anyway. (wow... no Skrill? That's weird. Last year I had about a dozen of them in my notes [considering we were discussing phobias in psychology class... I suppose that isn't a surprise that the Skrill got in there!]).

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