Friday, March 14, 2014

Awwwwwww' Sweetest HTTYD2 image yet!

So the HTTYD website has updated and flooded us with TONS of things to spazz over! Everything from revealing very clearly Hiccup's mindset towards the idea of chiefing in the second film (which was nicely hinted at at the very end of DoB) to the revelation of Hiccup's exact age, Cloudjumper's gender, and many other things! Although... I will point out that I wouldn't trust all these stats. For example Stormfly is considered a tracker class, and BarfBelch are placed into mystery. It is probably just an accident. The other thing is that some of the dragons' lengths are not correctly represented. We know for a fact that Zipplebacks, according to the actual cgi rig dimensions, are about 89' long. These stats show Barf and Belch being much shorter. ALL that aside, the info is super fun to look into, even if it occasionally inconsistent (at one point it shows Snotlout as 5'3" and then lower on the page he is 5'6"). The character descriptions are to die for! Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless especially. Toothless's worried me at first, but then when I got bellow the large heading and read the body paragraph, I was really pleased with things they brought up (his being more of Hiccup's best friend than his pet, AND his demanding respect from both men and dragons). So, cool stuff! Astrid was described in such an interesting, honest, no nonsense way, it made me think that she really will be a great character. Soooooo... head on over to the HTTYD website, ignore the inconsistencies, and you should find some fun new stuff! (*cough* including the fact that Hiccup and I will turn twenty on the same year *cough* and the fact that he and I are the same weight *cough*)

As for the above image, I just love it to bits. It captures so much of the essence of that happy bond they have between each other. It is really charming, cute, and calm... the kind of moments that makes one almost envious of Hiccup XD I wish I could find it in a larger format. It is pretty big atm, but not quite 1080p. Out of all the HTTYD posters and promotional images, this one, so far, is my absolute favorite. I would love to get a really high quality printing of it and hang it in my room. 

Yay for the continuous approach of HTTYD2!

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