Thursday, March 6, 2014

How the Skrill was Done

This is my second attempt at making an HTTYD based music video, and it is still very tricky! However, I do think this one is a little better. I think I broke some kind of nerdy crossover record by the song I chose. It is How it Was Done from the third season of the Sherlock series (which is a good show, but I would NOT recommend watching it without editing). Haha, then mix the Skrill in there and I came out with this! I actually got the idea while walking back to my dorm late at night. It was a lengthy-ish walk, and I had my iPod headphones in. This song started playing, and I looked around and felt just a bit spooked (I have seriously bad Skrillaphobia!), so I pelted off running. After that I thought the Skrill could kinda fit the music in a funny sort of way, so I made this video. Hope you can catch some areas where I tried to make the music match the movement of the pictures (for instance, the film music goes slow when the Skrill is in captivity and then picks back up when he is free). Hope you like it!

Also, this video is 1080p, so I suppose you could open it full screen if you want to get a better look at it.

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