Friday, February 14, 2014

Hicctooth Hug!

So, this is my version of a Valentine's day fan art. It's rather big... like a lot of my other drawings, so if you open it in a new window you should be able to have a better look at it. This actually is part of a Valentine's day gift I made for someone, but this has a lot of the image removed and no semi-sappy signature on it. 

So... I just was piddling around with my pad, trying to make line arts, and I finished this one, and it just struck me as being really sweet. It pretty much started as a doodle, but I liked the positioning, so I cleaned it up. Then I wanted to color it. I used very basic shading, just wash colors without much blending or detail... mostly because I wanted to keep the charm of the line art. Then I used a sepia sheet background, but I edited the tint so as to make it a bit of a warmer, pinker color. And... yes, it's extremely funny, but I do have a very faint pink heart outlining these two in the background. C'mon folks, it is Valentine's day!

So, I suppose it needs to be clarified, I do NOT think Hiccup and Toothless have a "romantic" relationship, and anyone who would draw that from this would make me said. I do hate it when Hiccup and Toothless's friendship gets warped out of context in that way or any other (and I especially hate it if I catch myself taking their innocent friendship out-of-character). The simple question is this: Do they love each other? Well, yes of course! So, I'm of the opinion that Valentine's day is a perfectly good excuse to celebrate all kinds of love, whether romantic, familial, or just great friends. Glad to have a holiday that gave me an excuse to draw a charming piece with Hiccup and Toothless together, and glad to have a holiday to make me grateful for the many loving people in my life. There is a lot, a whole lot, more to love than the shallow stuff that our culture pumps out, but HTTYD and some other stories (whether romantic or not) have done a beautiful job at displaying real, selfless, and undying love between two friends. I appreciate that.

So, I hope you all will have a fantastic day, whether you have a significant other, or a great friend, or a loving family. I'm very blessed to have many people who have shown great kindness and love to me, and I am so, so grateful to say I even feel that I have a loving relationship with God through Christ. Sorry if I sound cliche or like I'm rambling, but it is true. I've received so much love from so many people, and if any of you reading this have ever shown me kindness, I thank you deeply.

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