Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HTTYD2-Wake Me Up

Ok, so this is my first ever HTTYD music video! I used the peppy instrumental part of the song Wake Me Up. I had just recently stumbled onto the song, and I just liked it so much that I felt I had to try and do something with it. The bouncy happiness of it was really fun to work with, and even though it's got plenty of problems and isn't anything really special, I'm pleased with it! It's very short... yeah, I ran out of music! I had wanted to include some HTTYD and GotNF scenes as well (Forbidden Friendship and Toothless breaking the auto tail would have been fun), but I just din't have space for it. So, in the end, this is sorta to celebrate the fun, light, loving moments that we've gotten to see of HTTYD 2.

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