Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow day!

Alright, where I live, snow is VERY uncommon. When I woke up in my dorm and saw the ground white, I jumped into as much clothing as I had and rushed out to go and take pictures.

Ok, so that's all pretty and nice and dandy, but why am I posting these on my HTTYD blog? It's a fair question. I confess to having a little fun with the snow...

Yes... that is my feeble attempt at making Night Fury tracks. But, seriously, how cool would it be to find actual tracks in the snow. I'd have a heart attack before ever getting to see that gorgeous dragon so starkly black against the snow.

Ok, so then I found a field that I knew no one else would come to (haha, I've done some kind of funny HTTYD reenactments in this field to be honest XP). I made about a half sized Toothless head out of the snow. It actually looked pretty good, better than this picture shows, BUT my phone DIED right after I took this shot! I wasn't even sure if I got it... sigh. So I only got one shot from not such a flattering angle. I wish I could have made more, but he'll be melted by now. Man, I wish we could have had more snow. If ever given about a foot, I'm gonna make a life-sized Toothless, and I'll be sure that my phone is charged!

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