Monday, June 23, 2014

Well... I'm just flabbergasted!

I'm extremely excited to say that this last Saturday I got to meet Rima (justoffravenpoint from Tumblr) in person! She had not yet gotten the opportunity to see the sequel, so we went together, and I had a great, great time! Then, heh, after finishing the movie went spent SEVEN straight hours chatting about HTTYD, HTTYD2, the series, Glory and Toothlesslove's webnovel, and even Dsplash! It was so extremely fun. I was actually ever so mildly worried that we wouldn't have much to do for the rest of the day, but boy was I WRONG. I have not had such enjoyable discussions in ages! We delved into so much! I kinda felt bad though... because like most of us I think she sorta left the theater in shock. That's the general reaction of most fans... sort of an inability to process everything they just saw! But, once we got into discussing it, the themes displayed in the second movie and how gorgeously done it was, it was just the funnest of times. Plus we exchanged some art, listened to the soundtrack, and looked over the art book. There were many, many predictions made on what the third movie would be like, but in the end we are just guessing, and probably not guessing right because I know neither of us predicted just how serious HTTYD2 would be! Anyway, if she's reading this, thanks again to her for getting in touch, meeting up, and spending the day with me! Boy, the friends I've made in the fandom are really fantastic people, and I'm so thankful for them!

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