Friday, September 27, 2013

Live and Let Fly: Things I liked! Post 1

Alright, this is sort of going to be a review of the first Defenders of Berk episode, Live and Let Fly.

When I say "sort of" I mean it. I don't plan to go in depth here, and I don't plan to cover everything. What I do want to do is just point out things I appreciated in the episode. As usual, there were things that I didn't think were on par with the quality of the film (only one episode in RoB actually felt completely perfect to me), but I don't plan to drag out the things I didn't like. I DO plan to explode all over the place explaining what I did enjoy in the episode because there were moments in there that I really just loved.

So, there will multiple posts of this thing, and I'll probably do this with other episodes if I catch things that I liked. These should be quick, fun, hopefully interesting little tie-bits about what I liked in each episode. One advantage to them being quick is that I can pump them out even with my cramped college schedule. Again, I plan to mainly focus on the positive sides of the episodes, but if I do wind up getting into the negative area, bear with me; I'll get back to the good stuff soon.

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