Sunday, September 8, 2013

Psychology Class Doodles

My psychology class is really, really fun in college. Kind of wacky at times, but I still enjoy it. While I take plenty of notes in class, I also like to draw little relevant HTTYD doodles in my notebook. When I looked back over these, I thought, "Huh...might as well share them!", so here you go.

So Toothless likes my first page of Psychology notes...

It is a real question! What would Toothless's brain look like? He has such heightened and advanced senses, but then at the same time he has good thinking ability and emotional depth. Very interesting... Just the way Toothless thinks and acts fascinates me!

Theories of Personality: Well looky there, I went and doodled the brains of all our favorite dragons! Wonder how much of those dragon's personalities come from their basic biology...


We were told to start defining terms. We defined a lot of things: Personality, Trait, Thought, Love, Fear, Aggression, and all sorts of other stuff. The image above was my definition of fear.

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