Friday, September 6, 2013

This Logo is Gorgeous!

Look at what we have here! DreamWorks has posted the official logo for HTTYD2 and it looks spectacular! The top font looks much better just by nature of the lettering and it is actually TEXTURED! The darker metal looks splendid and it has little nicks and nocks in it to make it look real. Very, very interesting. The red is notably darker, and it has a tiny golden outline which looks splendid! Again we have the scaled texture, but it is far more pronounced and looks great! Wow, this is just spectacular! I cannot wait for the second film! I am honestly getting chills just thinking about it! I've been waiting three years, and now I am actually watching official teasers and seeing official logos!

Also, along with the title, we get the official name. It is How To Train Your Dragon 2, and that is what it should be! For a while they were thinking about calling it Dragons: Secrets of the Ice Cave, and other such subtitles. I am glad they have chosen not to. It gives the movie a more serious feel. PLUS the first movie had no subtitle, so suddenly throwing one in would almost detach them. Calling it HTTYD2 is perfect. It keeps them connected, but it also gives this second film the simple gravity and weight that it deserves. I mean, can you believe it!? We are getting How To Train Your Dragon 2!

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  1. Yep! I'm SOOO glad they kept it without the subtitles. Those can so easily make a title cheesy and kiddy. And that's everything HTTYD is not. The lighting on this title here is so dark, high contrast, and realistic (not unlike the movie itself!). Interesting to note is the changes from the previous logo and HTTYD1's logo. The curve on the "how to train your" part is gone, and that line is also in a serif font, not the blocky sans serif. Both changes impart a class and maturity not present in HTTYD1's logo. Tellllling!