Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reunion at Snoggletog!

I love this moment to pieces! So many, many beautiful aspects to it! A picture really can speak a thousand words! Look at how pleased Toothless is after putting Hiccup's helmet back on his head! Look at how Hiccup teases him with that wagging finger. Most of all, I love Hiccup and Toothless's hugs. That first one Hiccup tugs himself into Toothless and he looks like he never wants to let go again!  He thought he might have lost him. But then that second one! Hiccup hugs around Toothless's neck in a simple, thankful, loving hug, and Toothless almost doesn't know what to do with it! This is the first time we've seen Hiccup hug Toothless, and judging by Toothless's response, I would venture to say this really is the first time Hiccup has given him that sort of loving, thankful embrace. Beautiful moment.

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