Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hard choices...Hopefully Hiccupish choices

I am really going to kind of try to back off some on the whole HTTYD business. I have reasons, and most of them are for the sake of my Christian walk. It is just that I am, quite frankly, unhealthily obsessed, and it is what people think about when they think of me. I don't want that. I love HTTYD, love it more than any other story and maybe more than anything besides my spiritual walk, but other people see that, and it obscures Christ. It is culturally odd, it jars with people, it consumes a whole lot of my thoughts and emotional energy, and so I want to take a step back and think about this. I fully plan to continue to love HTTYD, but I have to find a proper way to do it, I have to find a way to do it that will not damage my witness or distracted me from being a single minded follower of Christ. I will still keep an eye on the wiki, probably still post occasionally, still email my HTTYD friends, but honestly I think I have to step back and break my own heart here. I am going to, really and truly, have to love Hiccup and Toothless less if I am going to be used by God. I will need to think of them less, and to do that I will need to care for them less. This is quite frankly one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I am completely blasted, emotionally distraught. I don't want to conform to other people, I hardly care what they think about me, but what do they think about Christ? That is the real question. I will pretty much, as of now, have to sort of hide the fact that I am an HTTYD fan ( HTTYD admin even) because I want to follow God at all costs, and that means not distracting other people from Him by looking odd because I care about a fictional character.

Good grief. I'm so sorry Hiccup and Toothless. Seriously, the thought of turning off this constant compassion and caring about them is destroying me. I would appreciate prayers, and as I have said, I will still be around in the fandom...I just probably will not be nearly as interesting or involved because, because, because thinking about them all day is what I do now and I can't afford to do that all my life. I covet prayer here, I really do. I hope you will all continue to follow me, but sadly I feel sure that I will be a little less active. Who knows? I will certainly not be speaking about it to the people I know personally, but perhaps I will still be able to really engage with all of you online while still living in a God honoring way. I cannot believe that I have reached this kind of a crossroad, and I honestly feel completely dashed. Well, see you all when I see you all. I do still enjoy hearing from you, I intend to still enjoy the film, but I also know that I have been obsessed, and I must not compromise the work that God is giving me for my own personal love for a fiction world and the most beautiful of fiction friendships. Hiccup and Toothless are worth so much to me, and only one thing could ever be worth more: Jesus Christ, my Savior and King. I am going try and make this hard decision for the sake of others and the sake of my Lord, and I feel that really this is the right thing, and even the Hiccupish thing, to do. If Hiccup is going to grow up in the next two films, it is about time I learn what God is going to grow me into.


  1. Uhm... *gulp*
    Well... After I spent the last two weeks with you, I really know how hard this choice must have been for you. I just want you to know, that you'll always have my back and that I support you in this matter. Stepping back does not mean to completely let go of it, so I'm confident we will still discuss the upcoming episodes of the new season and use tons of quotes while mailing back and forth. You can be sure of my prayers. Even though it was a hard decision, it's still a good one. You focus on the right things. Keep it this way :)

    Dragonific greetings!

  2. Gosh, what a hard decision. But it's beautifully motivated, and we encourage your decision. You have our prayers and support, to choose the best path for your life. I still think you can enjoy HTTYD and take the lessons you've learned in it, keep it as a hobby, and keep Christ as your identity. I guess going into college would take up a lot more of your time, so it's a good idea to slack on something. Again, our support and prayers.

    Glory and Toothlesslove

  3. Hey, I do't really know you except from all the stories Adrian told me about you ad I'm sure it must've been a REALLY hard decision for you.
    Yet, if it's done for the glory of our Lord, it defiitely is the right decision. Keep it up, you'll be in my prayers.

  4. This makes me sad. :(
    But I've also been thinking about something Jim Elliot wrote once:
    "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."--Jim Elliot