Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My final persuasive speech in high school!

What has dragons, vikings, epic battles, serious plot lines, comical humor, beautiful visuals, and a growing fan base? The answer, as some of you may have guessed, is DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon, and today I will be giving you a speech on a very exciting, very important upcoming How To Train Your Dragon event. This is incredibly cool and significant, well at least in my and hundreds of other peoples opinions!  How to Train your Dragon 2 is coming out in 2014, and you really need to see it!

Need section: If you miss this event, you will be losing one of the greatest movie experiences of the year. The film is designed to be seen in 3D, so sitting around and waiting for the rental is pretty stupid. The scale of the movie is epic, and it is sure to send shockwaves through the fan culture. How to Train Your Dragon is an animated movie filmed like a live action one, and the second one will be exactly the same. It will offer all the action and adventure of even the greatest live movies while having the beauty, charm, and cleanness of an animated film. If you miss this, you are missing a movie franchise that will hopefully go down in history!

Alright I have four main points to explain why you really need to go and watch this movie.

1. As the Admin of the largest HTTYD site in the world, I have a pretty good grasp of the fan base. If you are a teen, child, or even adult who wants to see a great movie, this is it! The first How to Train Your Dragon was extremely critically acclaimed, and it actually won the “Teen Choice Award” for 2010. The first movie is considered by audiences and critics alike to be a masterpiece. It is a great movie for kids, but it has many ways of connecting to older individuals as well. 

2. Next, the original HTTYD’s success story was quite a surprise to the company. How to Train your Dragon made 500 million in the world wide box office, but it did poorly on open week. The reason was it had a shoestring advertising budget. Once the movie got out though, people started talking, and by the time of the films forth week in theaters it reached the top of the worldwide box office and stayed there! This is very unusual for a film, so there are high hopes that if DreamWorks could do so well on the first film with many factors playing against them, this second film should perform very well. Don’t miss out.

3. The next reason you should see the second one is because of the characters. Watch the first one. If you have not watched the first one, do it soon. I don’t care how, but do. I can lend it to you if you want! Rent it on iTunes, get it from Netflix, or borrow it from me. This is a movie worth sitting through. I feel pretty confident that most of you will fall in love with the plethora of personalities put into the picture. The main protagonist is very easy to connect with, and his dragon is extremely cool. The boy to dragon relationship is handled in an extremely good and extremely unique way in this film. If you watch the first one and learn to love the characters, you will see why watching the second one becomes a priority on next year’s calendar!

4. The final reason you really need to go and see this movie is because it looks simply amazing. I have gotten some leaked information and read interviews with the directors, and the second film promises to develop the story in an incredible way. The characters will age five years between the first and second film, so that is a pretty serious step in character development. If you have seen the first one, this second one will be a huge step in the development of Hiccup as a character. The second movies plot looks like it will be on an epic, once again, live movie scale. Not much has been revealed, but the antagonist of the film looks to be some kind of warlord who has united many tribal people into a huge dragon killing army. He and Hiccup will wind up duking it out by the end of the film, and that means there are going to be some really serious battles between the two of them. This is not a movie you can just miss!

Satisfaction: So if you watch this film you will understand why the franchise is so critically  acclaimed and loved, you will be watching a movie that will likely blast into the culture and box office, and you will get to see Hiccup take his second step in the journey that is before him. This movie will certainly be a must see.

Visualization step: When I saw the advertisements for the first film, I thought it looked decent at best. I thought the dragons looked odd, especially Toothless. Then I sat down in the theater, the movie started, and everything changed. All of the sudden I realized how amazing this movie was, how wrong I had been, and that Toothless was ridiculously unique and cool. I left that 3D experience in nothing less than awe, and now it has stuck with me ever since. I know many fans who missed it when it was in theaters, and they all regret it. Don’t make that mistake yourself! I went to see it three times in theaters and it was amazing. I trust that the second movie will be the same, and I for one, am not missing the 3D experience of a life time.

Action step: Now, if any of you plan to watch this, here is some info on it (hand out). You’ll also note that my email address is on this. I tell you, with all sincerity, that if you keep this handout until next year, I will pay half the cost of your tickets! Take this home and send me a conformation email, show this to me a year from now, prove that you want to see the movie, and I’ll pay for you and ensure that you don’t miss out on the sequel to my favorite movie of all time!

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