Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Tragic. Can I just say that. Hiccup losing his foot is actually really, really sad. I know we’ve all gotten used to our one legged hero, but that doesn’t mean that this was not a powerfully sad thing to happen. It is beautiful to see Hiccup’s strength of character in pushing through this. He’s fifteen and he’s lost a leg! Toothless, dear, wonderful Toothless, is such a beautiful help to him during the leg scene. I must say that the event that caused him to lose his leg is also strikingly sad. They had just killed the Red Death, they had just saved the entire tribe and defeated the most terrifying creature on the planet, but right as they are making their escape, reality strikes. Happy endings do not always happen. Sad and terrible things can strike randomly. Hiccup did not lose his foot in a heroic sword fight or a battle with a hungry dragon. He lost his foot because he could not avoid the one final obstacle, the hurtle that proved to be just too much. It is very sad, very powerful, and strikingly deep and real. I admire Hiccup tremendously for having lost something in his quest. The way he pushes through the cloud of grief with Toothless by his side is incredible. He paid a real price, but he changed the world while doing so.

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  1. Great analysis! Every time I see the movie, I'm encouraged by how Gobber and Toothless overcome their difficulties, and how the plot leads up to Hiccup's new struggle, which he prevails in with his friend at his side. A great lesson in courage.