Friday, August 9, 2013

Older Toothless!

From the trailer we can see that Toothless, just like his wonderful friend Hiccup, has actually aged. DreamWorks not only took the bold step of making their human hero older, they aged the dragon as well! The changes are subtle, realistic. He is still instantly recognizable and every bit the Toothless we have grown to love. I honestly can't get over the new design. I'll show you what has changed, and then describe why I think these subtle changes make Toothless even more incredible...if that is even possible!

Toothless's head frill of ear like appendages has grown three new pairs of "nubs"

Toothless's spikes at the back of his arms have grown significantly over the last five years.

His head spikes are also probably twice as long and there is a new one! 

Along with all that Toothless feel more toned, a little more muscular. I believe his face is very slightly thinner, and a friend of mine described it like he had lost some baby fat.

Now all that to say this: I think the new design is beautiful! When I heard that they were aging Hiccup, I honestly hoped they would NOT age Toothless. They did not need to. He's a dragon, he could remain unchanged for dozens of years or he could have already been full grown. I was worried that they WOULD give him bigger ears, or long spikes, that they would lose his sleek, beautiful, streamlined design. Then when I saw this, my jaw dropped. The beauty of Toothless in the first film was that he was a truly powerful, terrifying animal, but when he opened up to Hiccup he revealed that he could truly be adorable and magical! So, all these new traits that have been given to older Toothless are stereotypical dragon traits. Longer frills, sharper spines, just an overall look of being more deadly.  BUT! Even with all this, Toothless keeps his remarkable charm. They have broadened Toothless, made him cover even more ground on the awesomeness spectrum! He is now even more dragonish, more like a creature of legend and myth that deserves fear and respect, yet even with these changes his charm and personality are still their! His dual nature remains not only intact, it has improved!

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