Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What if Book!Toothless and Movie!Toothless met?

This is a fun piece of artwork that I made for some friends. If you have read the HTTYD books, it is actually a little funny. Book Toothless is a small, green, whiny, little dragon, so I do sort of think that he and Movie Toothless might not really enjoy one another's company! Movie Toothless has a nice, snarky, deadpan side when it comes to annoying smaller dragons, so I tried to display that here! Hopefully I pulled it off.

This is a very large image, so feel free to click it if you want to see it larger! This is also the first major HTTYD project I have done in a looooooong time that is completely angst free, and that is good! As much as I enjoy tension and peril, sometimes it is nice to do something calmer! I was messing around with a newish art-style here. I tried to make it look sort of painted. Both dragon's eyes are fairly detailed, but beyond that it is just washes of color. I think it came out looking sort of pretty, and I was able to finish it in five hours, so that is very fast for me! I like it, and I am very thankful to say that the friends I made it for liked it very much as well. 

Oh, and on a completely different note, I am now in college. This will probably mean that I update this blog in spurts! Today I've uploaded two posts, and there could be more on the way, but chances are that it could be another week before I post anything! Sorry... it will be sporadic, but I will continue to do artwork and analysis on this blog when I get time.

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