Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chalk art Toothless and Hiccup!

Ok, how did boredom ever get invented! I was sitting waiting for my parents to finish a conversation so I could head back to college, when I picked up a little chalk board and started doodling. I must say this is the first time I've ever really done chalk art, but WOW! I had soooo much fun with this little thing. I started with a boring, line art doodle,  but then I started shading and smearing the chalk around with my finger. By the end I was begging people to let me borrow their phones so that I could get a picture. I know it isn't an incredible piece or anything, but the fact that I did it just because I had time on my hands and a unique medium really made me happy with it. This dirty little chalk board turned into a somewhat pretty scene where I was even able to manage a bit of shading! Hope you like it. It has Toothless in it, so that automatically makes it fine art. Any image of Toothless is fine art... doesn't matter who draws it. It is just a fact. 

Oh, and this is my and AddyD's 100th post! So thanks to everyone who has followed us and commented! I appreciate it!


  1. Yeah! Awesome as always :D
    You're right about the fine art - Toothless makes everything fine art ;•)
    The black background of the chalk board perfectly suits our dragonific hero!

    Actually there is still one post missing :D
    Published: 99
    Queue: 1

    But never mind ;•)

    1. Oh well... You're right about the 100th!
      The backend was just not refreshed!

      Let me put it the "Alvin-way": Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us!