Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Ol' Gobber

Haha, I know this is late because the next DoB episode is about to come out, but I really liked the Gobber angle of  The Iron Gronckle. It gave him a bit of personality, a bit of emotion, and it really sort of showed where he is now. In the first episode, Gobber seemed kind of pleased and surprised to find Hiccup working in the shop. Hiccup was his apprentice for many years, and Gobber was a mentor to him and almost a second father. He really cared about Hiccup, and even though he lacked tact, he pored a lot into the boy. Now Hiccup has sort of moved on; he's with Toothless flying and leading the academy. Even his inventions have almost left Gobber behind, and you can imagine that sometimes Gobber might miss the company he once had, might miss being a mentor. In this second episode of DoB it was great to see Gobber actually helping Fishlegs and enjoying HIS company! It felt very real and genuine to see the old man moving on from helping Hiccup to helping someone else. The moment where Fishlegs says he will not be sticking around and where Gobber is saddened was just perfect because Gobber does accept it, and he encourages Fishlegs to do the right thing, BUT that doesn't mean he won't miss having someone in the shop. I loved how real that emotion felt, and I was a little shocked to see that much though getting put into what Gobber would feel about the whole thing!

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