Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quote of the day

Dagur:"Your father lied-- You lied to ME!"

Hiccup: "He was trying to keep the peace between our tribes, so was I."

Dagur: "By making a fool out of ME!?"

Hiccup: "You don't really need a lot of help with that, Dagur."

--Hiccup and Dagur the Deranged, The Night And The Fury

Wow... Hiccup finally coming out and telling it like it is. Kind of shocking, and it clearly upset Dagur who was trying to be chummy with Hiccup. Actually... I was really happy to finally see this. Hiccup has been trying to please Dagur and keep the peace ever since he met the maniacal chief, but by the end of the episode, some things have become painfully clear. Dagur has pretty much certainly killed his own father, he's offered to kill Stoick, he's hunted dragons and intentionally killed them in horrible ways, and he wants to wear Toothless's skull as a helmet! I mean, peace is great, and I am really not saying I think violence is a good thing, but I so, SO admire Hiccup for finally tossing down the gauntlet. Dagur is evil, and keeping treaties with this evil, evil young man will inevitably lead to Hiccup having to choose between what is right and what will keep the peace. He chose Toothless over peace, and I wasn't at all surprised by that! After seeing how truly wicked and sadistic Dagur is, I am glad that Hiccup thinks keeping peace with him is wrong.

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