Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 31-32

Welp, this is the most current page in my Dragon Journal. I really, really do want to keep making this thing, but getting the time to do art is tricky with my classes. Anyway, these pages cover the Gronckle's head (left page) and its lifestyle (right page). I do have the next set of pages planned out, and they may come out looking pretty good. As usual I am really happy to have so much material to work with! These pages include information from the movie as well as GotNF and even smidgins of stuff from RoB. That is the joy of this journal, getting to catalog as much about each dragon as I can. I love what I did with Toothless, but looking back I really wish I would have done even more with him. Oh well... that is what my sepia line-arts are for. Hope you enjoy this picture, and maybe I'll get time to make some more for you if I'm lucky!

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