Thursday, October 17, 2013

Class Speculations!

Cartoon Network's Dragons page has some brand new questions marks to give us hints on what dragons will fall into what classes in the future of DoB! I am pretty excited because I think I can speculate accurately on all of them!

Another Strike Class! Hooray! Finally Toothless has a cousin. Still, it won't match up to him, but at least we'll get to see a dragon with some Night Furyish traits. I am guessing that this will be the Flightmare; however, it could be the Skrill. I've not heard anything about the Skrill coming out in near future episodes, so I think it is a safe guess to assume the Flightmare is Strike class. I could be wrong, but he looks like he would fit. If it is the Skrill then I'm going to be bouncing off the wall!

I think the upcoming Boulder Class entry is an easy guess. I would be really surprised if this slot isn't taken up by the Screaming Death in a week or two.

Sharp Class! Now this is the joy of buying the RoB DVDs because they had bonus features and one of those bonus features gave us a mega hint that the Timberjack would show up. I've always seen that dragon as really beautiful but with a sinister side (maybe it is the long slender head), but we'll see what DoB does with him!

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  1. Well then: It's time to bounce off the wall :D
    Check the page again, they updated it :•)
    And you were right about the Screaming Death.

    Greetings from Dresden