Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Really Un-Awesome Quote

"Hiccup was not so much a brat in the film as he was a loser."

--Anonymous Hiccup hater

Seriously, I had dinner with someone who actually said that! Who could possibly think of Hiccup as a loser. Apparently my friend just didn't really grasp the film, but I can forgive him... sort of! I did say in this post that I had met Hiccup haters, and this quote just proves it! Actually, I was even given permission to name him, but I don't fee like it. The guy shouldn't be proud of being mistaken! Yeah, he better just hope that Toothless didn't hear that. Haha, the above gif is pretty fitting. I was sort of expecting a positive thought about Hiccup since we were comparing him with Merida from Brave, (and I was saying that, unlike Merida, Hiccup really wasn't bratty or rebellious), but instead of a compliment I got Hiccup-hate. I think I sort of handled it well... I hope I did, but I don't like when people attack Hiccup as a character (which is pretty much attacking him as a person.)

Now, I think anyone who grasps the story of the film would certainly think that Hiccup was in no way a loser. Maybe to this Hiccup-hater's standards, but not to mine (or many others). Hiccup, for one, brought down a Night Fury within the first ten minutes of the film. That is something because no one can say that Toothless wasn't a really impressive foe. Then, I am seriously curious as to why one would consider him a loser... Is it because he spared Toothless? Is it because he isn't some incredible hero, just a boy who follows his convictions? Was my Hiccup-hating friend wanting some super hero instead of a human protagonist who proves himself and stands up for what is right? Hiccup may be many things, and at times he loses (The Docks scene shows that off quite well), but Hiccup is most certainly not a loser in final tally because he did not let loss defeat him. He'd been losing all his life, but he triumphed over that, and that makes him far more of a winner than any super-human or epic hero. Hiccup, by the end of the film, truly had lost quite a lot, but he had won so much more, and anyone who can't see that needs to re-watch the film, and if they still don't see it, they need to watch it again and actually pay attention...

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