Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New. Valka. Poster!

Ok, Gobber was cool, and I said we'd seen bits of Valka's poster floating around, but now that it is actually out, I AM BLOWN AWAY. For one thing Cloudjumper is so, so, stinking awesome! The texturing on his head... especially the top bit, I can't put my finger on which animal it reminds me of... starfish maybe? Whatever it is, he's gorgeously detailed! This is also the first time I've been able to clearly see that Valka has blue eyes! Her uniform looks nice, that dragon gauntlet certainly fits her! And then again the details are so gorgeous! Her leather looks so worn, even more than Hiccup's does (and that makes since because she's probably been using this suit for over ten years!). She and Stoick both have grey hairs... another nice addition to the realism of this film (yes, of course a dragon film can be realistic!)

It's great to see Cloudjumper doing EXACTLY what Toothless did with Hiccup. Now, I'm not saying he and Valka have the exact same kind of relationship, but I am saying he and Toothless apparently have done something similar. They both have such an epic, tough-guy, kind of regal amount of presence to them. Toothless was the Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself... and he was given that title for a reason! Cloudjumper (as seen in the trailer and described on the website) is a very proud and confident creature, second only to the Bewilderbeast (and given his size and anatomy, it's no wonder that Cloudjumper feels pretty confident in his own abilities!). But both incredible dragons, both Toothless and Cloudjumper, apparently are both so willing to step down from their position of legends and transform into the most tenderly affectionate companions. It's beautiful. It's what made Toothless so amazing... not that he was cute, but that he was so terrifying and yet transformed so completely when exposed to Hiccup's bond. Apparently Cloudjumper could be much the same. I look forward to their dynamic!

Haha! With the trailer coming out tomorrow, DreamWorks is flooding us with so many gorgeous pieces of fandoming material!

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