Friday, April 18, 2014

Stoick Poster!

I do believe this is the last of the character posters! It was pretty exciting to see all of them, and personally I think it was a massively mature and interesting way for DreamWorks to advertise the movie. Stoick in this one looks splendid, and his dragon does as well. As usual the details are scrumptious! His dragon (who I believe is called Skullcrusher...) is an interesting species to say the least! It looks a little like a carnivorous triceratops! I like how it's large skull crest/bonnet is actually full of holes. Considering it has to fly, little things like that would help keep it's weight down while not necessarily making it much more vulnerable. It is also nice to see another green eyed dragon! Haha, like son like father! Stoick looks amazing aged. Of course, I'd already come to that conclusion, but this poster just proves it. His beard is better than the first film, his gauntlets look wonderfully over-the-top, and that axe-head has a truly epic Zippleback head design! He's clearly not going to be a character who gets overlooked in the sequel, and that makes me happy... because after seeing the final trailer I really love the dynamic between him and Valka. 

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