Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beyond the Clouds (Review of Lego creation by Stormbringer)

It's time for another review! I'm gonna try and keep these varied and therefore interesting, and today I've chosen to do a review on a lego creation (also called a moc) by Stormbringer. He/she (agh, I'm unsure of gender, but I'm pretty sure he's a he... so I'm just gonna say he and hope to be safe.) kindly gave me permission to post pictures of his creation here, and I really do just love his work! Click the read more to see more images of his set and to read my more thought out opinion of it.

I have built lego ever since I was young... sadly I don't do it as much anymore, but I still have a really massive collection back at home. I discovered Stormbringer's creations back around 2010... I think. Ever since I was inspired to build dragons. I have done a few, and who knows, maybe someday I'll post them here. The thing is, there design borrowed heavily off of Stormbringer's so they were not that impressive compared to the originals. Anyway, this is a moc he released very recently and if you want to see more images of it, you can check it out here.

The moc uses gorgeous techniques to capture Toothless, Hiccup, and even the scenery from HTTYD2. Personally, I consider this kind of lego building to be a very refined, very sophisticated sort of art. This isn't just sculpture or painting, this design required its builder to go out of his way to collect every little perfect piece and then find the precise way to stick them all together into this one, pretty flawless looking, design.

Hiccup's design looks really good. The chest piece is (I believe) from a lego racing line. The fire sword is a new piece from the Chima sets. Just that little bit of info alone shows how varies this builder's collection is, and that is brilliant! The way Toothless's head is designed works wonderfully in making him look cute and curious. It's really quite adorable how this design captures the almost cross-eyed look Toothless gets when he focuses in on something. The head is incredibly complex... I really can't even fathom how Stormbring came up with the design. It uses every kind of piece I can think of to shape Toothless's face... all the was down to droid bodies (I think that is a droid body in there...) and minifgure arms! I really can't call this design anything other than a masterpiece! Oh, and randomly, I'd just like to point out how pretty the color choices are for the ground beneath Hiccup and Toothless's feet. It really compliments the whole scene.

We get to see that this is the HTTYD2 saddle design. Just look for a moment at Toothless's back and sides. There is such a fantastic mastery of the brick here. Stormbringer doesn't need to keep the studs on top, he manipulates the entire lego system to create gorgeous, organic shapes. The saddle also uses rare and perfect pieces. I think the handle bars Hiccup is holding are actually old fashion pistol pieces like what you would find in pirate sets. The way Hiccup can lie down on the saddle is movie accurate and look really good. You can also see that Stormbringer used three different kinds of wings for the three different pairs Toothless has... just another detail that makes me love this set. I imagine it is somewhat stable and also posable at least with those ball joints in the wings.

Then the landscaping and clouds looked great. Very much like Itchyarmpit! This set would look amazing as a display on a desk or something. I hope you all like it as much as I do, and if you are a fan of lego I imagine you will be able to grasp just how hard it would have been to craft this creation. Thanks very much to Stormbringer for letting me post this! I hope any of my readers who are interested will use the above links to see more of the master builders masterful creations.

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