Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hiccup and Toothless

Alright! I actually got time to do art this weekend! This will probably be my only post I get to do because I do still have an exam to study for, but this was a fun break from all of that. It didn't take me too long either. Anyway, it is another crossover piece, and I REALLY hope some of my readers will recognize what I am parodying. Click the read more to see the full art piece as well as a line art.

Anyone recognize it? This is a parallel between HTTYD and a beloved comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. If you have never read about Calvin and his hilarious stuffed tiger, Hobbes (or is Hobbes stuffed??), then you really are missing out. They are witty and fun and absolutely hilarious. Plus at times they are downright charming. They are incredibly well done comics, and Bill Watterson's style is what I was trying to emulate her. He was a fantastic (and uncompromising) artist, and his comics are true masterpieces. They capture what it really is to be a child with an overactive imagination, and because of that they are my favorite comics.

In the comics, Calvin has a best friend who is a tiger named Hobbes. Most of the strips revolve around their interactions. So, I thought it would be cute to parallel Calvin with Hiccup, and Toothless with Hobbes. In truth, none of the characters are alike! Calvin is a very, very mischievous six year old boy and Hobbes is a philosophical, wry tiger. But the anatomy of the parallel just works, what with Hiccup and Calvin both being small boys with a large animal companion. I hope you like the art piece, I even tried to copy the Calvin and Hobbes font in this.

I did preserve the line art:

So, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have read Calvin and Hobbes, then hopefully this will be fun for you! If not, you really ought to pick up a comic sometime. Anyway, this was a fun bit of art to make... Not too stunning, but none of my work is! Welp, this is what I accomplished over the weekend! (Super Toothless bonus points if you had already read about Calvin and recognized the parallel).

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