Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friends at Rest

Yaaaaaay! This digital painting took me ages, but I am ridiculously happy to finally have it done! I took a line art I made, traced over the image, and then turned it into this digital artwork:

This thing is really, really big, so if you open it in another window it will look much better. I was very happy with the positioning of the scene as soon as I came up with idea. TONS of my art has been angsty of late (click the art link in the side bar and look over my last couple of pieces. Other than the journal entries it has been sort of intense stuff!), so doing a very calm moment was fun. This is big enough to work very well as a desktop background, so if you get it, so can set it to "fill screen" and it will center an look quite nice. I really do hope you will all enjoy this. Hiccup is intentionally supposed to look a little older than the first film, but then certainly not quite as old as he is in HTTYD2. I tried very hard to get some nice details on Toothless's head and especially on his gums, eyes, and scales. Then for Hiccup, I used some tutorials that Glory posted on her blog ages ago that dealt with hair. I think he is probably my best Hiccup yet, and as far as detail, posing, lighting, and feel... I would like to say that this is my best digital painting yet! Including the time it took to create the line art, this thing took me about twelve hours to make. Maybe ten... not sure, but it was a lengthy endeavor! Getting time to do this while taking college classes has also proven challenging, but in the end, it is worth it! I really do feel like I have sort of improved in my digital paintings. They still are by no means up to par with most of the other artists online, but they are good enough for me! I am definitely going to be using this as my desktop background for a while, and again, I hope you all really like it. If you have any comments, suggestions, critiques, or compliments, feel free to comment. Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Although I've already seen previous versions of this artwork, the result is totally awesome! Good job! I like the proportions of Hiccup a lot and also his more mature appearance. Toothless's neck seems a bit long, but it's still great. Man... It's really a great scene. Can't encourage you enough to go on doing digital paintings. (But don't forget the good old pencils! I like those a lot too!)