Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Skrill Sepia Sketch

Alright, here's another sepia line art that I did this afternoon. It is sort of in anticipation of December 5th! We've waited a long time to actually see the Skrill step into the HTTYD story. During that wait I know I for one have featured him in fanfictions and fan art, and then I've seen other people doing the same, and most everyone does one thing in common: The Skrill is an antagonist. He just works so well as a rival for Toothless. I have looked into the plot synopsis of A View to a Skrill, and I do confess being a little worried that it might not be as Hiccup and Toothless/Skrill centered as I would want, but I am not sure. I am also now not that sure that the Skrill will be a villain, but then there is that picture on the back of the action figure box, so I have a theory. Perhaps since Tuffnut is going to try and rescue the Skrill from the Berserkers, the kids assume that Dagur wants to kill it or use it wickedly somehow. Maybe, just maybe, they arrive and discover that Dagur is training it, even riding it! That would be cool, and it would allow for the Skrill to be a slightly nuanced villain. Anywho, can't wait for that episode! The art above is big, so if you open it in a new window, you should hopeful get a better view. I looked a a few references and tried to be pretty accurate. Man, the Skrill is a gorgeous, terrifying creature! I am so excited!

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