Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Addy!!

Today is a ridiculously dragonific one! Two HTTYD fans that I know have birthdays on this date, AND this is the second year anniversary of the release of Gift of the Night Fury! Now that is special!

I just want to wish my amazing friend AddyD an extremely happy birthday. I drew him this art piece when I learned that he liked my line arts. It is very big and I attempted to make it very detailed. I used quite a lot of references for this image to try and get all the texturing as accurate as possible, and I hope it has paid off! It took about three and a half hours to complete. Yes, it is a picture of Toothless regurgitating a piece of birthday cake.

If you would like to read the caption (which is sort of tongue in cheek funny), here is the key:

I hope he has an absolutely splendid day! Maybe this picture will be one small part of making his birthday great. I had the idea only a few months after his birthday last year, and I have been playing around with it since then. It is meant to be comical, although some people have told me it is gross (of course it is gross! You have to look at it in context!). He is an amazing friend, and I wish I could have done more for him. Happy bday AddyD!

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