Friday, December 6, 2013

As far as first parts go...

A View to a Skrill part 1 was just excellent! We got soooooo many good elements! I haven't gotten to see the second bit yet, but MAN. I am still trying to recover from the first half! The flight scenes and fight scenes were well handled (violent enough), and then the Skrill was a really cool antagonist! He's not quite as evil as he's been portrayed, but being hungry, confused, and angry makes him one incredibly dangerous creature! I actually really want to see him on the ground some more. For some reason that makes the peril feel a bit more physical, like if was trying to bite or claw rather than blast. Anyway, excellent episode! Toothless was even super ADORBS at parts, so I am totally happy! They gave the Skrill a TON of presence, respect, and even nuance, so they did exactly what I was hoping! I just wonder what the second episode will hold. I hope it lives up to the first one! Man, great stuff! Definitely up there with DoB3, and considering it has a second part, it could surpass it (wow that would be hard! I love Toothless-hunted angst just about more than anything, but I find the Skrill so fascinating and terrifying that it just might do it!).

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