Sunday, December 22, 2013

Call me confused.

Why on earth is Toothless licking his lips before he goes into this dive? It's very cute, but I am completely confused! Gah! This trailer has so much good stuff in it. The movie's just gonna kill me! I am having a hard time making enough posts to adequately cover what we saw in the trailer! Imagine what we'll be doing when the film actually comes out! So much to spazz over!

Also, I LOVE how older Hiccup is a little closer to Toothless's size! For some reason it makes him feel a whole lot more like an equal when he rides Toothless, almost more like they are one thing as opposed to an incredibly epic dragon and an incredibly small boy. Don't know exactly why, but I do like how Hiccup's new proportions look when he is strapped onto his dragon!

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