Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Snoggletog/Merry Christmas!

So, I decided to do a little art piece for the holiday! I was up until one o'clock one morning scribbling away at this thing, but I am pretty happy with it. Haha, it is sort of supposed to depict Snoggletog four years after GotNF, and as you can see, some traditions have been created! I thought the idea of older Hiccup and Astrid during Snoggletog was cute, and then I started trying to thin what they might do. I then thought it would be GREAT if Toothless decided to return Hiccup's helmet to him every year, and NOW Hiccup's helmet is the cool leather one from the second movie. No need to point out that this one covers his face and can probably hold twice the amount of Toothless's drool! Astrid is still making her signature drink, and I am sure it is every bit a horrible as the first time. So, yeah, Hiccup has decided to try and hide this year, and he might could avoid Astrid, but come on. He doesn't really think that he'll be able to keep a Night Fury from finding him, does he? Yep, he's going to get two kinds of affection in the grossest ways, but even gross affection is still affection, and I am sure he will take it well. As usual, the image is bigger if you open it in a new tab or window.

I also preserved the line art, so you can see it in both its forms. I actually think the line art has a certain appeal to it, and I'm glad that I kept it. The painting style I used was really quick (mostly because I was rushed for time!) and watery, and I hope it still looks good. It is really just supposed to be cartoony and cute as opposed to what I usually shoot for which is at least a little realistic.

I also want to very warmly dedicate this painting as a gift to all my good friends in the HTTYD fandom, most notably Toothlesslove, Glory, Rima, and AddyD. Haha... as well as all the many fine editors on the wiki! I hope you will all have a really wonderful holiday.

And, on a serious note, I know it sounds cliche, but I really do want to remember the real reason for this holiday. HTTYD is great fun, but I must say that the mercy of Christ is far more beautiful, impressive, and awe inspiring than even the greatest fictions could ever aspire to be. Today is a wonderful opportunity to remember the birth, perfect life, and sacrificial death of my Lord. I really do want to grow in gratitude to Him for the rest of my life. Merry Christmas everyone!

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