Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Inhonoredglory!

I hope you have an amazing bday, Glory! I wanted to make you something, so I shot for what I am usually decent at: line arts. I don't usually mess those up, so that was where I decided to start. Then the next question was what to make the subject matter of the image. I immediately thought of the Doctor because I know you've been really, really enjoying him lately! Then I thought, "Yeah... but I met her and became friends because of HTTYD, and surely she would still want Hiccup in a bday gift." After that, (perfect timing!) the new HTTYD2 trailer came out! I felt that I ought to mix the Doctor and HTTYD together. I mean, that would totally work in Doctor Who! He's seen a whole lot weirder than Vikings and dragons. Anyway, I remember (I think) that Blink was the first episode you watched? It was my first, and it was so interesting to see the Doctor dealing with the Weeping Angels that I wanted to throw that terrifying foe into the picture as well. And if we're gonna have one frightening enemy, why not throw in the apex of all scary creatures? Yep, I do love to draw a Skrill, and thanks to that story you wrote, he has become the apex of all HTTYD foes in my book! Anyway, I kind of liked the back to back dynamic of Hiccup and the Doctor... so very different and yet in some ways quite a lot alike! I had never drawn the Doctor before this, so I was actually really pleased to see that he didn't look terrible in the end! I hope you like it. I mean, it's the Doctor, Hiccup, Toothless, a Skrill, and a Weeping Angel all in one image... surely that's gotta be somewhat likable! I do hope you'll have a great day!

Oh, and here is a translation key for the rhunes!

It has been great to know you and to be your friend! I am very glad I had time to make you something, and I do hope you like it. Have a wonderful birthday, Inhonoredglory!

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