Sunday, December 22, 2013

I don't usually do this...

But I am gonna make a Hiccstrid post!

Yeah, I am usually not a big fan of romantic pairings, especially teenage romantic pairings. Hiccup and Astrid were completely that in the first film, and though I didn't dislike their relationship, it was never all that interesting to me. I DID like some moments that resulted from it, especially Romantic Flight and the moment afterwards when Toothless seems to tease Hiccup over his first kiss. That was cute. Still... that's about as far as my appreciation for Astrid and Hiccup's pairing went. I thought their relationship was charming in GotNF, and I thought it was a bit annoying in RoB (come on... are we seriously gonna turn Hiccup and Astrid into stereotypical awkward teens just for the sake of awkwardness?). But now we get to see just a little glimpse of them in the trailer, and though I've never been a huge Astrid fan, I think I am about to be one!!

That little moment in the trailer (as well as the short scene we got to see from when the President went to DreamWorks) have really displayed that Hiccup and Astrid have matured a LOT in their relationship, and it is GREAT! I'm not really interested in a continued teen drama, I would like to see progress get made if progress is reasonable. And these images... just, WOW! Astrid looks so much more feminine than I am used to! In the first film, she is pretty much more alpha male than all the guys (so saith Jay Burachel), and I feel sure that she is still her very tough, vikingly self (I mean, she's got a battle axe on the back of her saddle and she's jumping over the twins and stealing sheep in dragon races), but it is nice to see her grow into a young woman. She is HOLDING on of Hiccup's braids! Just... ok, I admit, that's super charming! I really hope that she and Hiccup will continue to grow in a mature relationship. They are both so much older, so the potential to see them actually get married is clearly there. It's so sweet to see how close she and he have grown over the last five years! You would NEVER expect to see first movie Astrid acting like this with Hiccup, but seeing it now feels kind of natural and beautiful. I like that a lot. I think she has been aged very well, I think Hiccup looks very manly, I think Astrid looks beautifully feminine, and because of that I actually have gone and written a Hiccstrid post! Man, the second movie has so many potential ways to grow so many different characters. The director's decision to age the teens kind of scared me at first, but I couldn't be more pleased with it after seeing where he's going! Man, June can't come soon enough!

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