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One Does Not Simply Destroy a Gemnode

Alright, this is my next Dsplash Chronicle. It is VERY un-HTTYD related, but it is also sort of significant, and it shows what Hiccup's actions have unleashed. Marvel fans, this features a very famous character. Anyway, it is only five pages. More interestingly, I do have a kind of fun Snoggletog/Christmas post to make tomorrow. It has artwork, so hopefully you will all enjoy that. Just a warning, this Chronicle is a little foreboding and sad.

Dimension Splash Chronicles
Event: One Does Not Simply Destroy A Gemnode
Pov: The Gemlord, Bruce Banner
Time: Year 10.14 of Hiccup and Link’s existence in the game

     “That is it.” The Gemlord’s electrical voice raised and cracked in grief. His body burned bright scarlet and his head fell as he clenched his fists and let the rage and sadness pulse through him. The news of Sardilic’s death had come as a horribly shocking blow to his heart. The Gemnodes had already entered mourning, but they dared not go to the dimension of Sardilic’s death. Fear had shuddered through them. They could not even begin to comprehend how that runt of a boy had killed their brother. Sardilic’s power would have been unrivaled in Hiccup’s dimension, far stronger than any of the other Gemnodes, and they could not risk the loss of another member. The Gemlord was turning over the options in his mind, but one thing was clear, Hiccup was a murderer, a criminal of the highest degree. They had held back on him before, given him subtle warnings and then simply deleted him, but now he had become far more of a threat than they could ever have imagined. The Gemlord felt sickeningly guilty. He had sent Sardilic to his death, and his hesitation to deal severely with Hiccup had apparently allowed the boy to become unfathomably powerful. He would not let it happen again. They were only twenty now, twenty Gemnodes shining, burning bright in their silent grief. The Gemlord did not know where Hiccup had gone, but he did know that this was the last time he would allow the Purpose to cause the death of one of his fellows. Everyone who opposed it would be killed, destroyed, and not just them. Everyone close to Hiccup, everyone close to anyone who even showed hints of rebellion would be crushed. It was time. He was going to begin the next phase of the Purpose. They were strong enough, and every dimension would bow before their will. 

     “Come to me.” The Gemlord called his nearest comrade. “My dear friend, we will not allow Sardilic’s death to go unpunished. We will not hesitate, we are going to bring justice to the dimensions. I want you to spread the word, first in our own dimension, and then in any world he may be hiding in: Hiccup is a refugee, a criminal, and his capture will be handsomely rewarded. Anyone who aids him will be punished immediately with death.”

     “Yes my lord. With pleasure! He will pay for his crime. Sardilic will be avenged.” The Gemnode vanished in a flash, and the Gemlord turned and floated towards Eminis, Venevonix, and Oninonix. They floated close to one another in silence. Venevonix and Oninonix burned in grief, but the Gemlord could sense Eminis’s emotions, and they were not those of sadness.

     “My generals, I have left a crime unpunished, and I am going to make things right. The war has begun. Hiccup has committed murder, but he is not the only one. It is time that we claim omnipotence, that we become invincible, and that everyone who has dared oppose us falls.”

     Venevonix looked up in concern. “You are not thinking of--”

     “Yes, I am. He has lived too long.”

     Eminis was the next to speak. “Please my Lord! I know the death of Sardilic grieves you, but you cannot let that grief drive you into such a risky mission. That creature is too dangerous. We may have lost others, but we cannot lose you!”

     “By others you mean Sardilic? You don’t truly seem grieved Eminis, and that sickens me.” Eminis started and pulled back. She clenched up, and he form seemed to shrink and grow cold. 

     “I am... I am sorry my Lord. I never wished to...to... I am sorry.” In a cold blue flash Eminis vanished. The Gemlord felt a twinge of regret finger into his chest, but he could not allow what he was thinking to go unspoken. Eminis had resented Sardilic, and if she held onto that feeling it would destroy her. He and she may have had differences, but they were still all they had. The Gemlord could barely forgive Eminis and Sardilic’s resentment of one another, but Sardilic had now been killed, and the least Eminis could do is forgive and mourn. 

     “I am going into the Marvel Dimension. Watch me, do not follow. Oninonix, you are in command while I am gone. Keep a careful eye out for any evidence of Hiccup’s location. Do not hesitate to take action against him. I will be back soon.”

     “Yes my Lord. Make short work of him.”

     The Gemlord turned and moved with blazing speed through his realm. Within seconds he stretched out his hand and sliced through the dimensional fabric. His mind focused one one thing and one thing alone, Bruce Banner.

     With a flash the Gemlord emerged from a rift in the warm dusty streets of a third world village in India. Paper trash blew in the road and the night air was close and dry. The Gemnode turned his head to observe his surroundings. Two young girls stood staring in amazement and fear as the strange, pale blue, crystalline creature floated in the center of the street. Their mother grabbed them and pulled them into a pathetic shack and pulled a grubby sheet over the door. The scene was absurdly pitiful in the eyes of the Gemlord. Humanity was so disgusting, leaving its own members to suffer and starve while others lived in luxury. To think they would receive so many blessings after causing so much destruction brought a new wave of distain into the Gemlord’s mind. He pulled energy into his center and soared up into the air. He held his palm out towards the shabby houses and sent a wave of blue energy washing over the structures. He was scanning for his foe, and he found him. With a swirling dive he swooped down and smashed through the roof of a hut. People shrieked and backed against the walls, but one man sheltering a small, sickly child. He was the one, the killer, and the Gemlord was going to make him pay for his crime.

     “Bruce Banner.”

     “Yes. Yes, I’m Dr. Banner. What do you want? Haven’t I--”

     “Yes, you have seen a creature like me before. For you it was only seven years ago, for me it has been four hundred. You killed her in New York city, you committed murder.”

     “Look, I am sorry. I didn’t--”

     “You didn’t know what you were doing? DO YOU THINK THAT MATTERS TO ME?!” The Gemlord’s shout sent out a pulse-wave of painfully loud sonic energy. The few objects of glass in the village shattered, and the people and Banner fell screaming to the ground. “She’s gone, you KILLED her, she will never come back, and you put us one step closer to extinction. You are a mindless monster, and for the sake of the one you destroyed I am going to destroy you.”

     “Look, I am sorry.” Banner stood up. “I didn’t mean to! Who are you, what are you? You don’t--” Banner breathed in and out hard while clenching his fists. “--you really don’t wanna make me angry. Please, don’t start this. I will not fight you unless you force me.”

     “I am the Gemlord, and I would suggest that you get angry. If you need some encouragement--” The Gemlord sent a burning ray of energy from his palm into one of the children shivering on the floor. The child went flying through the wall and disintegrated in a burning, screaming mass in the street. 

     “NO! That was a child!” Bruce banner leapt between the Gemlord and the rest of the children. “How could you?!”

     “You think the life of a human is worth anything to me? If you care about them, then they will die. I’ve learned that showing mercy to your kind only leads to more death, more destruction.” The thought of Sardilic burned into the Gemlord’s mind. “You destroyed what I cared about more than all the universe, and you are going to suffer for it Doctor Banner.” 

     “Very well.” Banner grunted, and then with a roar his shirt burst as his body swelled into the huge, green form of the Hulk. The villagers ran screaming out of the hut as the Hulk bellowed, “HULK SMASHED ONE OF YOU BEFORE!! HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!” He leapt roaring towards the Gemlord, but he flew straight through him and smashed into the opposite wall. The Gemlord chuckled and then appeared a few feet away from the Hulk. The Hulk swiped at him, but again the form was an illusion. Two more apparitions of the the Gemlord appeared, and the Hulk hurled debris into them. Again, nothing. Then, in one painfully quick movement, the Gemlord revealed his true self and grabbed the Hulk by the heal before tossing him violently out of the house. The Hulk easily caught himself and bounced to his feet. He looked at the shack, picked up a large chunk of a concrete wall and prepared to throw it into the building, but the wood structure exploded in a blinding flash of violet energy. The Hulk was thrown even further back, but he raised his eyes to face his deadly foe. The surge of energy had left a perfectly circular area of burning, charred remains of building, and at the center of that circle was the Gemlord. His small, blue form was burning in purple flames and soon his body began to change. His shoulder spines elongated, his arms grew lethal blade-like spikes, his chest broadened, and his head turned into a terrifying, spike covered, helmet-like skull. He was nearly twice the size he had been before, still smaller than the hulk, but his beautiful, aquamarine delicacy had vanished. He was a bloody purple color now, and he raised his hand and pointed at the Hulk. A burning blast of lightning descended from the sky and hit Banner. He yelled in pain, but with the pain came anger. He felt himself growing stronger, and he bounded towards the Gemlord. He threw both of his fists down in a powerful slam. The Gemlord crossed his arms above his head and blocked the blow, but he began to buckle beneath the incredible strength of the Hulk. Then, the chest of the Gemlord began to glow with a swirling buildup of energy. A ray of plasma shot out of the Gemnode’s chest and blasted his enemy backwards.

    The Hulk plowed through several buildings, but he easily shook off the blow and charged the Gemnode again. His foe was fast, and he teleported often. This frustrated the Hulk, and more annoying was the fact that with every effective dodge the Gemlord would send stabbing punches or slices into the Hulk’s back or sides. Finally the Hulk jumped high into the air and slammed down with such force that dirt and rubble rippled up into the air and blew the Gemlord back. The Hulk threw chunk after chunk of debris into his enemy, and the Gemlord was having a hard time deflecting them. The Hulk felt himself gaining an advantage, and he tossed one more particularly large piece of wood and stone before rushing towards the Gemlord. He grabbed his enemy’s arm and then slammed him to the ground. “DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!! HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!!” He raised his arm again to smash the Gemlord to the ground until there was nothing left but splinters, but the Gemnode whipped a long, silvery, adamantium blade out of his wrist. With an blindingly accurate slice, the Gemlord severed the Hulk’s hand off at the wrist. The massive green hand fell to the ground, and the Gemlord teleported far out of reach.

     “No, Bruce. Hulk is not the strongest one there is. Not anymore. And--” The Gemlord raised his hand and pressed his middle finger into his thumb, “Killing you would be This--” The Gemlord snapped his fingers together sending a tiny shard of purple crystal whizzing towards the Hulk. “--Easy.”

     The Hulk was still gripping his arm in pain and surprise. The shard caught him directly in the chest. The pain was pathetically small at first, like a tine paper cut to the Hulk, but then he felt it, a powerful burning suction. Suddenly bolts of white, lightning-like energy appeared from rifts all around Banner. They burned into his chest over and over again. Soon he was glowing bright white with one dark purple ray of light emerging from his chest. An orange gravitational bubble began to form around him and constricted in closer and closer. He roared out in pain, but there was absolutely nothing he could do. Soon the orange bubble reached the shard at his center, and in a flash it expanded and the Incredible Hulk atomized, his dust scattering across dimesnions. The shockwave knocked over every structure in the village, and the Gemlord’s heart stopped burning. He had done what he came for. He hated humanity, but there was no point in killing these peasants now cowering in the remains of their homes. Their deaths would come soon enough if they opposed him. 

    The Gemlord turned slowly away from the crater that was all that remained of the Hulk. If only he could get Hiccup alone, that boy would suffer the same fate. Everyone who opposed the Purpose would die. Even as Hiccup slowly recovered from the wounds of Sardilic, the Gemlord returned to his domain. The young man could never imagine the horrors that his actions were now unleashing. War was going to break out across all dimensions, and any friend of Hiccup was as good as dead. As the Gemlord arrived back to the cheers of his comrades, he thought to himself of all the friends that Hiccup held dear and how easily they could be destroyed. Was it worth it for the boy? Was the opposition of the Purpose worth the destruction of the universes to that little Viking? He may have been able to destroy Sardilic, but would Hiccup and his friends truly be able to cope with the wrath of the Gemnodes? He was such a foolish boy to think that he was suited for this rage of war. The bloodshed would not stop until Hiccup and everyone close to him lay dead at the Gemlord’s feet.

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